CMEF 2023: Our Global Strategy

Lysistech on track in becoming a global player

Lysistech made significant stepts at the CMEF 2023 event held in Shanghai as part of its ambitious expansion plans and global industrial alliance building. Over the course of four days, our experts engaged in intensive discussions with a multitude of international and regional players in the realm of minimally invasive pain management.

The company's experts participated in insightful discussions, knowledge exchange, and collaborative brainstorming sessions with industry leaders. These interactions not only strengthened Lysistech's presence on the global stage but also facilitated the establishment of strategic partnerships with key stakeholders.

The event served as a platform for Lysistech to explore emerging trends, share expertise, and forge alliances that are integral to advancing their mission of revolutionizing pain management solutions worldwide. Lysistech continues to expand its reach and its active participation at CMEF 2023 reaffirms the company's commitment to driving innovation and shaping the future of MIS-driven pain management.